Finding affordable gym wear that is fit for purpose, isn’t see through and that you don’t spend more time trying to adjust than actually exercising has proven quite a difficult task for me over the past few years. I’ve been through the unsupportive sports bra therefore avoiding the treadmill at all costs stage, the see through leggings so tying a hoodie around my waist stage and the wearing a big hoodie and not taking it off despite being sweaty and excessively hot because I didn’t feel confident enough with my figure stage…I feel although most girls will have been through a few situations like these.

Anyway, recently I’ve got a lot more into going to the gym and especially in going to spin classes and I’ve found a few items of gym wear that I’ve really been enjoying wearing and felt comfortable in, so I thought I’d share a few of them!


Sweaty Betty ‘Chandrasana 7/8 reversible leggings- £60

I recently bought these leggings as they were in the sale at sweaty Betty and I know from a lot of reviews, and from my sister that their sports leggings are really good. I’ve not been disappointed and they are actually the comfiest, best leggings I’ve ever had. They don’t show any sweat, aren’t see through and don’t fall down- what more could you want? Not forgetting that they’re also reversible so it’s like having 2 pairs!

dzz76056_black_xl-2Boohoo Lucy fit twist back vest (2 pack) £14

Then there’s these two tops which if you have student discount is great because at the moment boohoo are doing 20% off. The tops are the perfect length because they cover to about the top of your thighs and don’t ride up, then the back of the tops are great if you’ve got a nice sports bra in a bright colour. The tops being black and white also mean that they go with pretty much anything!


Boohoo Georgia fit running vest £6

This top is the nicest colour and great if you go running outside as it’s almost neon so you can be seen easily by cars.


Adidas ultra boost X shoes £129.95


These trainers are specifically designed for women and feature boost technology in the soles which means that when you run/walk, any pressure you put onto the ground is given back to you like a response. They’re currently on sale for £90 and I was apprehensive to buy them just because of the hefty price tag, but really all you have to do is try on a pair to realise that it was the best money you ever spent. It feels like you’re walking on marshmallows yet still gives support, especially on the arches of the foot. The shoe has a floating arch meaning that you can literally fit a finger through the whole shoe under the arch, but it supports the foot so well making every run feel stable.

One thing I was concerned about before buying them was that maybe my foot would come over the front of the shoe because of the knit material but the shoe is actually reinforced at the front and the knit is really strong so it was nothing to worry about. These trainers have actually made running and going to the gym enjoyable which I didn’t think a shoe could do!!

Anyway, I hope you like my little fitness edit!

Love Flora x


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