Recently I’ve spent far too much time internet shopping and whilst trawling through the endless pages of the likes of misguided, topshop and Zara…I’ve come across some really amazing dupes for key designer pieces, but for high street prices!

So the first dupe that I found is for the much lusted after ‘Chloé Faye tote bag’ which you’ve probably seen a lot of on Instagram and retails at a hefty price of £1,500. Both designs are red, feature a gold chain style strap, have an equestrian style hardware piece on the front and also have the fold-over top. The similar piece I came across is from topshop and is only £25!

img-thing              Chloé faye tote bag £1,500TS24R26LRED_Zoom_F_1

Topshop Remy trophy cross body bag £25

The second dupe I’ve found is for the ‘Gucci wool silk jogging pant’ which are priced at £1,140 and I’ve found some very similar trousers (which I really love despite them being a bit long for my short legs..) from Zara. Both have the stripes down the sides, the snap button detailing on the outer leg and the wide leg design.


Gucci wool silk jogging pant £1,140


Zara pyjama style trousers with side stripes £59.99


The third and final dupe is for the Réalisation Par ‘The Alexandra’ dress which comes in a few different prints and again, you’ve probably seen a lot of all of these on Instagram. The brand of currently 18 pieces quickly rose to fame after ‘the Alexandra’ dress was seen on the likes of Alexa Chung, Bella Hadid and other social influencers. I’ve find quite a few similar dresses, especially print-wise from misguided and topshop.


Réalisation Par ‘The Alexandra’  £150


Missguided Red star ruffle tea dress £25

That’s it for the dupes this time but I’ll hopefully be back with a few more soon,

Love Flora x


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