For the first time in what seems like forever, Liverpool was actually sunny! When people told me before I came to uni that it always rained here I just thought to myself that surely it couldn’t actually rain ALL of the time but suffice to say it has definitely tried its best to.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw how sunny it was, was ice cream (lol defo a foodie). I googled ice cream places in Liverpool and came across ‘Gelato’ on Lark Lane which looked really nice, so we got the train from Liverpool central to St. Michaels which was like £2 ish (good if you’re on a budget) and then it was a nice walk from the station to Lark Lane.

The road had a really nice atmosphere and was really busy with loads of individual restaurants and cafes along it that I’d definitely like to go back to and try in the future. Along the end of the road was ‘Sefton park’ which was also a good shout because it was such nice weather and a good place just sit and chill. It was just a really nice, relaxing day and it was especially nice to see some greenery for once rather than just built up areas and busy roads so I’d really recommend it if you’re looking for a break and a bit of head space.

This is my first OOTD/lookbook kinda thing- I’ve put where everything is from below the photos. Hope you like it!


Dungarees- carhartt

t-shirt&sunglasses- zara

cardigan- H&M

shoes- new balance


necklaces- topshop and azendi

Flora x



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