Starting anything is always the hardest part and writing this first post has not been any different. I’ve been wanting to properly start a blog for a long time now having started one back when I was about 14. Originally I thought I would just go back to writing on that one but after reading a few of my old posts and admittedly feeling very very embarrassed at some photos of my what only could be described as ‘creative’ makeup/ hair looks on my regrettably fake tanned self, I thought it would probably be best to have a fresh start.

So, my name is Flora and I’ve always loved makeup and fashion (that could defo be an introduction to a shopaholics anonymous meeting lol) and I decided to start writing a blog about the things, places and outfits that I love. This is my first year at university in Liverpool so I also thought I could write about my experiences since being here and how it feels to move away from home for the first time and start a whole new life in a whole new place. Being honest I’m not the best person at dealing with change and do find it hard to adjust to things, especially with things like cooking for myself and dealing with budgeting my student loan (as I bet you could guess with the afore mentioned ‘small’ addiction to shopping). But either way, I feel like there are a lot of bits of advice that I would tell my pre uni 18 year old self, so be prepared for a bit of rambling!

In the future I would love to work in fashion or journalism and feel like here would be a good place for me to start. Obviously I’m completely new to this so will be experimenting for a bit so bear with me!

If you’ve actually read all the way to here then thank you and I really hope you’ll continue to read my posts!

Flora x


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